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Have you ever wished you could quickly find the address for someone you go to church with? Perhaps you have an old church directory laying around, but aren’t sure where it is or if it is even up to date anymore. Today we have some great news.

We have added a special “Members” section to our church website. This section of the website is secure and requires a special login, but once inside you will have access to all of the information typically found in your church directory. Not only will you be able to view the address of other church members, you will also be able to update your own info as needed. This will help us keep an up to date list at all times without the need to print new directories. If you desire to hide some of your info in the directory that option will be available as well.

Besides holding our member directory this part of the website will also have special information and updates we do not wish to post in a public forum. Each weeks prayer request, photos from church events, and request for volunteers are just a few of the things we intend to use this part of our website for. 

In order to access this new feature on our website simply click the “Members” link in the menu bar. This will take you to a page where you can request login information and the login. We will be individually reviewing all requests so please be patient as we attempt to get everyone there info.

We hope this new feature will be a help and a blessing!
God Bless!
See you in church on Sunday!