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January is quickly flying by! Thank you to those who came out to Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evening. With all the craziness going on in our world and the uncertainty that we face every day we cannot spend too much time in prayer. I encourage you to continue to lift up our Nation, our local Church, and our Pastor on a daily basis.

On Wednesday evening we held a short business meeting after the service to discuss the best course of action for the rest of this month. While Online Church is great when it is all we have available, we firmly believe that nothing can replace the gathering together for corporate Worship. We also realize that Pastor Scott and Sis. Carmelita still need some time to recover fully and be ready to resume their duties. 

A few decisions were made in our meeting that I want you to be aware of.  First we voted unanimously to allow Pastor Scott and Sis. Carmelita to take the rest of January off to focus on getting well. We are eagerly waiting for the day they can be with us again, but we want them to be as close 100% when they return as possible. 

Secondly, we decided that the responsibilities for Sunday Morningand Wednesday Evening would be divided up between others in the church so that we can resume in person services. It was so good to see PEOPLE on Wednesday evening and we are looking forward to worshiping together again this coming Sunday. 

Finally, due to the amount of sickness that is still spreading through out the community, and the temporary changes to Sunday Morningand Wednesday, we have decided to lift our Sunday Eveningservices for the rest of the month. This means there will be no Family Worship until the first weekend of February. 

As we continue to adjust to the continually changing times, don't be discouraged, but continue to pray for those around us.  This quote from Martin Luther says it best "Pray and let God Worry."

God Bless! We will see you on Sunday!